New to beekeeping?

I want to be a beekeeper. Where do I begin?
-Ryan Alaniz

We have all been there.  Bees are cool.  We need them.  I like honey.  What next?
Great question! 

First, check out a few websites and youtube videos to become excited!
One fun and accessible website is:

Second, purchase an introductory book about beekeeping, really any book will do (e.g. Beekeeping for Dummies).  Start reading and find out what it is all about. 

Some recommended classic books include:
The Beekeeper’s Bible
Langstroth on the Hive and the Honeybee

Third, jump on our mailing list for more information and upcoming events. Send an email to

Fourth, attend a meeting and connect with some friendly beekeepers.  All are welcome to CCBA meeting! 

Fifth, visit a hive.  We often have meetings at a bee yard and our previous president Erin Holden often runs a short introductory all-inclusive class $25 Text her (805.720.5992) to learn more.

Sixth, ask questions at a meeting or on our Facebook page!  Some might include: do I have enough space?  I live in a city—what are the ordinances?  How much does it cost?  Will I get stung? (Yes)! At the meetings we are happy to talk about our passion and how we started.

Finally, go get some bees!