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All about Varroa — August. 10th Meeting

Thursday,  August 10th 
Santa Margarita Community Hal
9610 Murphy Ave (cross of “I” St, next to the library)
Everyone invited to the Thursday meeting.
Social mixer begins at 6 PM
Mike Lindsey will present  Varroa Mite Strategy and Management
Varroa Mites are the most severe issue facing Central Coast Bees.   Learn strategies and managements practiced by veteran beekeeper Mike Lindsey to respond to the threat posed by Varroa. 

Do YOUR homework:   download and read the Honeybee Health Coalition guide to Varroa management,

July 13th CCBA Meeting

“Beekeeping in the Summer Transitions”
Santa Margarita Community Hall
9610 Murphy Ave (Cross of I St, next to the library)
Social Mixer begins at 6 PM

Thursday, June 8th Alliance Meeting

Meeting at the Santa Margarita Community Hall
( 9610 Murphy, Cross of I St, next to the Library)
Thursday, June 8th, social mixer begins at 6 PM
Our program topic will be “Honey Harvest”

May 11th CCBA meeting

Colony splits, divisions and queen introduction

April Meeting Bees and Blooms

Our April meeting will be hosted by Anna Rempel on Thursday, April 13 from 6 to 8 at the Oak Creek Commons Great Room, 635 Nicklaus Dr. Paso Robles

Anna Rempel founded the Central Coast Bee Alliance in late 2013, assisted in her vision by the late Rob Kimmell. Her special interest in the relationship of our honeybees to our abundant spring flowers will be the topic of our April meeting.

Bring a tin soup can to hold the Black Sage starts we will be preparing as a hand-on activity during the meeting.

Oak Creek Commons is on Nicklaus St opposite Pat Butler Elementary. Park on the street and walk to the Great Room.

Queens and Splits in Early Spring

Central Coast Beekeeper Alliance Meeting
Thursday, March 9th
Santa Margarita Community Hall


February Beekeeping Alliance meeting, February 9th at the Santa Margarita Community Hall.
Social Hour begins at 5:30, program at 6:30

We will host a panel discussion with Swarm Catching pros. We will be providing tips and guidance for our coming swarm season: managing swarms in your own colony, trapping the ones that escape, capturing free-flying swarms.

2023 Beekeepers Kick-off

Thursday, January 12th
Santa Margarita Community Hall
Social Hour begins 5:30, Program 6:30
9610 Murphy Ave (cross of “I” St)
Santa Margarita, Ca
Jeremy Rose’s Nucleus hives (2022 image).

Abundant Rains will push a Spring honeyflow for the record books. Time to shake out the cobwebs. This is an important meeting for **both** eager Newbees and folks with established colonies.

On Tap:
Jeremy Rose (California Bee Company) on Spring nucleus colonies from his apiary. Jeremy will be taking orders for April delivery.
Thomas John McCall (Sierra Honey Farms) will be offering sign up for his spring Nucs.
Early Spring management and build up of your overwintered colonies.

Tim Ball on Swarm Lures and a proposed co-op buy of honey jars.
Equipment and Gear show and tell.

Crafts Day

Some pix from our annual Crafts Day. Lovely warm sunny afternoon before the rains came.
Sue brought complete supplies for her “Pine Cone Bees” complete with Ukrainian Maple seed wings, and cast beeswax ornaments in Sugar cookie molds.
The Balloon mold votive candle shells were a huge hit with the kids.
Mindy supervised the “Lip Balm” mix with recipes for Coconut, Shea butter, and Cocoa mixes.
Crafts Day marks our end-of-season wrap up, we will meet again for the spring kick-off in January.
Dip candles were run by Mike Lindsey and Judy Neuhauser.

Honey straws
Balloon Votives
Sue’s Pine Cone Bees and her “Hexagon Box”

Mike L. cleaning wax

Apiary Visit, August 23

Mike Lindsey leads a workshop on Varroa Mite monitoring and management on Tuesday, August 23, starting at 6 PM, at the Paso Bamboo Farm, 5590 North River Rd, Paso Robles, Ca.

Mike will teach mite sampling techniques to assess colony parasitism.
Mike will demonstrate major Varroa management tools and techniques.

We will be opening hives to sample the colonies, bring your suit and veil.