Crafts Day

Some pix from our annual Crafts Day. Lovely warm sunny afternoon before the rains came.
Sue brought complete supplies for her “Pine Cone Bees” complete with Ukrainian Maple seed wings, and cast beeswax ornaments in Sugar cookie molds.
The Balloon mold votive candle shells were a huge hit with the kids.
Mindy supervised the “Lip Balm” mix with recipes for Coconut, Shea butter, and Cocoa mixes.
Crafts Day marks our end-of-season wrap up, we will meet again for the spring kick-off in January.
Dip candles were run by Mike Lindsey and Judy Neuhauser.

Honey straws
Balloon Votives
Sue’s Pine Cone Bees and her “Hexagon Box”

Mike L. cleaning wax

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