October beekeeping thoughts

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I lifted this from October 2016 minutes:

Practicum: John Chesnut – What’s going on this month
• This point in October is peak mortality period. If a hive makes it to thanksgiving, it will probably make it to spring, October and November are months with most risk for hive failure
• In South County – commercial hives are brought in this time of year (to get them out of the tule fog in the valley and get hives strong by Feb 1), these bees can do a lot of robbing of hobby hives
• We’re just at the cusp of the start of winter bloom
• In Chorro Valley, German ivy is budded and should open soon with these rains.
Blue gum
• Fro the next month (or until late November), can feed heavy sugar syrup – 2 parts
sugar to 1 part water. To make fill with sugar, then fill with water until dissolves,
then continue to fill back to original level of sugar.
• Sugar will mold less quickly if vitamin C (grind vitamin C pills, or get powdered
citric acid used for canning) is added to the sugar syrup. Add 1 TSP to a gallon. This works as a catalyst to invert sugars. pH is lowered, so inverting prevents molding.
• Once temp drops to 40 degrees, bees will no longer take sugar effectively because it cools the hive too much. Feed they will take in winter is “sub” patties or fondant
• John C did his hive splits at the end of February last year and had a lot of queen mortality, so this year he will start splitting in mid-March

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